Treatment for Whiplash in Miami

whiplash treatment in Miami

If you are looking for treatment for whiplash in Miami or a surrounding suburb of the area, you are probably just a short drive from our clinic.

We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of whiplash associated disorders (WAD), a common injury experienced by people that have been involved in an motor vehicle accident.

The Anxiety of Being Involved in a Car Accident

We understand, we’ve worked with a lot of patients that were in car accidents.  It can be very traumatic.  Consider all that goes through your mind when you are hit or you accidently hit someone (make sure to read our Important note below about those that are at fault):

  • Am I alright?
  • Are they alright?
  • My car – how much money is this going to cost me?
  • My insurance – how will they handle this?
  • The emotions – “How could they hit me?” or…”Why wasn’t I paying attention?”
  • This is going to take so much time to make it right.
  • This is serious, what kind of doctor should I see?
  • The other party is at fault, will I need an attorney?
  • I don’t feel pain now but I might tomorrow or the next day.
  • My family – who’s going to take care of them and all their daily needs?

Ideas on How to Cope with a Car Accident & Whiplash

  1. Relax, and know in the long-term, chance are very good that it’s all going to be okay.
  2. If you are seriously injured or unsure, get to a doctor right now.  Make sure you ask for a physical therapy referral.
  3. Don’t have a medical doctor?  We can help.  Call us now.  We have a team of physicians that regularly see patients with WAD.
  4. Assuming you aren’t seriously injured, call your auto insurance agent.  They can often help with the insurance side of things.
  5. Don’t delay treatment.  The longer your wait, the tougher it might be on you psychologically.
  6. If the other driver was at fault, their insurance is likely to cover the cost of care.  Better yet, we will do almost all of the billing & paperwork.
  7. Don’t settle your case without a proper evaluation and treatment (if necessary).  Insurance companies may have you sign something that says you are fine and waive your rights to covering the cost of future care, if you need it.
  8. Retain an attorney if need be.  You have rights when it comes to care for injuries and the financial responsibilities associated with your care, car repair, and potentially other damages.
  9. Need a good attorney?  Again, we work with a number of reputable attorneys in the community.  We can refer you if necessary.
  10. Don’t forget to obtain an accident report from the Police if they were called to the scene.


Treatment for whiplash in Miami (those that live in the Miami area) is our speciality.  It’s not just the neck and head that are involved either. Shoulders and knee problems, and lower back problems are common too.

That said, often we don’t see the driver that was at fault. Our experience suggests that drivers that are at fault (hit the other driver but not on purpose), often don’t seek treatment.  They feel guilty and don’t take care of their spine or other parts of the body that were injured in the accident.  This is a huge mistake.  In a quality scientific paper the health researchers came to the following conclusions:

Many controversies exist regarding the diagnosis and treatment of whiplash injuries. The multifactorial etiology, believed to underlie whiplash injuries, make management highly variable between patients. Radiographic evidence (x-rays) of injury often cannot be identified in the acute phase. Recent studies suggest early mobilization may lead to improved outcomes. Ligamentous and bony injuries may go undetected at initial presentation leading to delayed diagnosis and inappropriate therapies.
Reference: Whiplash: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Associated Injuries

Here are some important points from this study:

  1. Don’t wait to get care
  2. See a healthcare provider ASAP
  3. Don’t immobilize your neck.
  4. Active care can be helpful
  5. It can take some time to discover the ligament and bone injuries

If You Have a Whiplash Injury, Call Us Now for More Information

We’ve successfully rehabilitated a number of patients that had cervical sprains and strains as a result of their involvement in a car accident.  Get an evaluation from one of our clinical specialists and let us get you back to the life you enjoy.

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